July 30, 2008

Move along, Patrick.

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I paced around the room calmly, half empty glass of club soda in hand, going in circles, counter clockwise, making sure each foot landed at least 2 inches away from the other one, heel first before the rest of the foot gently touched down onto the cold, hard marble.

I reached out for the scalpel, pressed the cold blade onto my cheek, and all i could think about was how to clean up the mess on my brand new off-white alpaca wool carpet. Not the poor kid tied up in the next room. Not the sound of him sniffing and weeping when i emotionlessly explain what was about to happen. Not the screams he would let out when i open up 2 three-inch long gaps on his face. Not the begging and grovelling when i make thousands of tiny cuts all over his weak, limp body and watch him slowly bleed to death. Not the sound of air hissing out of his lungs when i finally get sick of waiting and plunge my weapon into his chest and then drag it all the way down to his waistline. Not the sizzling of acid in a bathtub dissolving every last bit of tissue on his bones. All i could think about, was the fact that club soda wasn’t going to get the stains off.

July 27, 2008

It’s times like these..

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Some people wish they were dead. I wish i were never born.

There is a difference.

July 21, 2008

With love.

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This was suppose to be up by 17th july but somehow it slipped my mind. Exactly one year ago..

I miss being reassured. I miss being reminded daily that I’m not that much of an ignoramus, I miss being able to show some side of me that’s not ugly. Most of all, I miss being told I am beautiful, inside and out.

One year later, i’m here to tell you that no, you’re not that much of an ignoramus. You can show any side of you and i’ll bet my bottom dollar no one would call it ugly. And you are beautiful inside and out. To me, at least.

July 20, 2008

The Blues

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Is this what they call freedom?
Is this what you call pain?
Is this what they call discontented fame?

It’ll be a day like this one, when the world caves in.

Does justice ever find you?
Do the wicked never lose?
Is there any honest song to sing besides these blues?

And nothing is okay, til the world caves in.

July 13, 2008


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Old friends, good food, it was a pity the day had to end. I’m no surfer, but the wave of nostalgia i rode today far surpassed any the ocean could offer.

It was as though we travelled back in time, back when all we had to worry about was what to have for dinner, when all we came to school for was to play cards at the back of the lecture hall, when today’s reality was merely a possibility.

A butterfly flapping its wings could cause a tornado in time to come. I flapped too hard.

July 12, 2008

Look ma, new page.

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Why wordpress, you ask. Well, in my most humble opinion, blogger is for 14 year kids who write about how miserable they feel about homework and spankings they get from their parents. Livejournal has ads on the top and bottom of the damn page and it irritates the hell out of me. So wordpress, you have my vote.

I have decided against importing latest entries from my previous blog into this one. This is, afterall,  the end of an era and the start of.. a newer era? Jurassic to cretaceous, 70s to 80s, channel 5 to cable tv, you get the picture. So this is going to look very empty for awhile. Inspiration doesn’t strike me too much, and lets hope when it does, it gets me good.

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