August 10, 2008

Best birthday card ever.

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National day, in my opinion, like every other holiday, is a day that companies use as a gimmick to market “new” products by simply adding an unusual but not so uncommon twist. “Get your new national day icecream! Cherry and vanillla. Oh look colours of our flag, how interesting!” Surely you’ve seen all that before. And it happens every single year without fail.

I guess we have to give them some credit. I mean, imagine the amount of work and brainstorming it takes to come up with a brilliant scheme like that. So well done exploiters. And well done exploitees, for being such good sports. And fools.

With that, I would like to wish singapore a happy birthday. What is it now, 43 years? Just about the time a person starts developing breast cancer, early signs of alzheimers, chronic fatigue. All those in addition to the congenital heart defect you were born with, I’d say your odds of living til a ripe old age are as slim as george michael is gay. Happy birthday!

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