August 25, 2008

Number two.

Filed under: Belles lettres — theinkhorn @ 10:30 pm

Making certain that no one is within range, I open the vial and do a line. Then I look towards Kelly and tilt my head up so she can inspect my nose. After getting the all clear, i slip the vial into the inside pocket of my Comme des Garçons jacket, sweep the remaining specks off and take a huge gulp of my scotch.

Out of nowhere, Fletcher appears and he’s walking funny so i know he’s either drunk or on something. He pulls a vanilla envelope from the breast pocket of his Armani, slaps me lightly on the face a couple of times with it, then walks away but not before dropping it into my lap. His expression never changes throughout the entire 30 seconds he’s in my face, that same look which also made an appearance when i showed him the femur bone of my paper boy, that same look which surfaced after his coach dropped him from the most important fixture of the season, that same goddamn emotionless expression that i abhor so much but just cannot bring myself to say anything about.

I gulp down the remainder of my scotch before picking up the envelope. It doesn’t feel like there’s anything inside and sure enough, when i open it, it’s empty. Just as i begin to crush it up and start cursing Fletcher, Kelly reaches out and grabs my wrist with such force that I immediately turn towards her and shoot her the “whats the story” look, complete with raised eyebrow. She takes the slightly crumpled envelope and looks inside. I watch as the emotions start playing out on her face, and i recognise them as shock, confusion, and fear, in that order.

She makes a few tears in the envelope and spreads it out so it looks like a weirdly shaped piece of paper and holds it out in front of me. Someone has scribbled something on it and i can hardly make out the words because of the coke and the alcohol but i move my face closer to it and my heart shoots into my throat because right there at the bottom corner, scrawled in blood red ink, are the words, “I want my leg back.”

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