September 3, 2008

For fuck’s sake.

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This has been bugging me for as long as i can remember and i feel like it has to get out before it devours me from the inside. It truly annoys me when someone uses the term “no pun intended”.

A pun is defined as a deliberate play on a word for comic effect. You can’t unintentionally make a deliberate play on a word. You can’t accidentally purposely kiss my ass, can you? You either want to kiss my ass, or you slipped and your lips landed on my butt cheeks.

Next time if you really want to impress whoever it is you want to impress, try using “forgive the pun”. It shows you have the actual capability to play with words, and also have the good grace to not be arrogant about it. Though, “sorry i kissed your ass” doesn’t really make sense. Or does it…?


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