September 25, 2008


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“Appendectomy at 4. After that i’m all yours…”

Jamie’s on the phone with his wife. Or mistress. Or girlfriend who’s here to visit. He has a smile on his face, the kind of smile that says he’s going to get some tonight, the kind of smile that makes me want to gouge his eyeballs out and stuff them into his mouth, force them down his throat and watch him slowly choke to death.

I walk into the doctor’s lounge for coffee and maybe a line or two but Bobby’s in here and he’s watching a Friends rerun and laughing but i know he really only watches it to ogle at Lisa Kudrow. He notices me staring at his skull and winks.

“That Kudrow really is something huh? Look at that ass. I’d kill to spank it for a night or two.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

As i reply, my eyes wander across the room. My gaze falls upon the fruit knife laying on the counter. The German manufactured blade shimmers under the light. Bobby’s eyes are glued to the screen again and i alternate glances between the fruit knife and the back of his head and i think to myself, it would be so easy. So easy. Bobby’s a neurosurgeon, and a brilliant one too. It would be so ironic.

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