October 11, 2008

One Less Year.

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Ah, my birthday. Normally I’d put on a festive hat and celebrate the fact that the Earth has circled the Sun one more time; I really didn’t think it was going to make it this year, but darn it if it wasn’t the little planet that could all over again.

Appreciate all the birthday greetings. Yes i am twenty. Though i feel alot older than that.

Its amusing to watch people’s reactions when i tell them i have no plans. Questions like “WHY” and “HOW COME” start popping out like zits. I understand that its common for people to feel super giggly on their birthdays. I just don’t see the point of picking one day of each year to feel extra happy.

Just for the sake of it, and to prove that birthday wishes are just stupid because they never come true, i’m going to make one. Here it is. For my birthday, i want… Audrey Tautou. Don’t tell me to be realistic because wishes are an excuse for people NOT to be realistic. So Audrey, call me.

P.S: I’ll even give this one a decade to come true. Don’t say i’m being partial.


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