December 31, 2008


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So i’m in the mood today, and seeing as how it is New Year’s eve, i’ve decided to do a special one.

A few of my classmates and I decided to try the game Left 4 Dead on monday. I don’t want to say too much about the game itself, but please go somewhere and try it because it will fucking blow your mind. Anyway, we were in the lift with a mother and her two kids. And for some reason, my classmates started swearing and laughing and this is what the mother said to us.

“Excuse me, can’t you see there are children around?”

Here’s the thing, her “children” are at least 13. The boy looks like he’s 14 and the girl, probably around 12. Everyone knows how to swear at 12. They just don’t do it in front of their mother because they will probably receive a mighty good spanking after that.

“What’s annoying you Alvin?” I’ll tell you what. The fact that she feels she still has to protect her teenage kids. Thats what. How long can a mother shelter her kids from the real world? How long can she protect them before they begin to turn into the scum of society that you see all around? The fact is, protect them and they will fail to survive. Because in this world, the only way to learn is to be thrown into a pack of hungry dogs with a piece of pork shoulder strapped onto you. If anyone thinks that they should protect their kids for as long as they can before they begin to fly on their own, they are naive beyond belief. But then again, she may be doing society a great service. After all, the bullies will always need some kids to push around.

It has been an intense year. So much has happened and i know i say this every year, but this one really takes the cake. This year i’ve burnt bridges and reluctantly built new ones, only to enjoy the view from them more than i expected. I’ve identified myself and everyone else, and most importantly, i’ve stuck to my guns despite what anyone has to say. So with that, Happy Go-To-Hell everybody. 2009, just bring it.



  1. Happy New Year! You’re a good writer, your stories are pretty gripping in a twisted sort of way. Haha. Hey, i have no intention to offend, but why do you sound so angry every single post? Like you see only the bad and evil but never the good? Or maybe its just me. But lighten up, and you’ll find that the world is a better place than expected, well sometimes, or maybe its just fucked up anyways. Have a good year. (:

    Comment by Georgia — January 3, 2009 @ 10:11 pm

  2. no offense taken. i don’t see the good because there hardly is any to see. and what you do see usually turns out to be a facade. i admire people like you, always willing to explore the good side of humanity, even if it means being made the fool most of the time. happy new year Georgia.

    Comment by theinkhorn — January 4, 2009 @ 1:52 am

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