September 25, 2009

Blood Ties

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I remember thinking to myself before buying tickets for the latest local film, Blood Ties, “how much worse could things get”? After the abomination that was Final Destination, none of us really expected a worse movie. Oh boy were we wrong. Thirty minutes into the film, i looked at the friend who suggested the movie, waited for him to notice me staring, and flipped him the bird.

Atrocious? Horrendous? Absolute waste of money? Yes, yes and yes. I know what you’re thinking and no, i’m not a anti-local, or completely pro-foreign film. I’ll support local films if they are good. In fact, i thought 15 was outstanding. I thought the Jack Neo movies were extremely funny and more or less portrayed society realistically.

First of all, i’ll give credit to the camera staff. Not to shabby work. Scene to scene transition was half decent. And the female lead’s acting was… not too bad. One of the actresses looked absolutely lovely. Think her name’s Maggie. What a name. So quite abit of praise for them.

So why do i not like Blood Ties? Firstly, the storyline was bullshit. Now, anyone who knows me knows i’m not religious. So a movie built around a religious ritual or supernatural encounter would naturally annoy me. Blood Ties pushed the limits on this one. Inciting a spirit to possess you in order to avenge itself, what a load of bull. It actually began to get painful around the 15th minute.

The second thing i absolutely loathed about it was the way the characters communicated. One would be speaking english, and getting a reply in mandrin, followed by what i believe were hokkien and cantonese. A one language exchange would be alot more realistic. After all, who replies ” dua” to “how many balls do you have?” Humans just don’t communicate that way. I believe the producers was trying too hard to insert a Singaporean identity into the film, and that ultimately backfired.

Thirdly, how realistic was the film. excluding the religious theme? Not at all. Its obvious that no effort was put in to researching gunshot wounds. And, where in Singapore (where the movie was clearly set) would you get a gun, let alone many guns? Even the police aren’t allowed to bring their weapons home, another detail that was completely overlooked.

Finally, its suppose to be a horror film, yes? You know it isn’t scary, when you look beside you and see your friend, who always covers his eyes and ears when he watches horror films, yawning. So, I rest my case. Blood Ties, 1 / 5.


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