October 8, 2009


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Its 0640 am. I’ve waited a full 15 minutes for the train, something i have never done before. Then again, i haven’t taken the morning express(my ass) in quite a while. I take a look around and judging by the bewildered and confused looks, i’m not the only one wondering if the train accidentally ran someone over at the last stop. I keep my eyes fixed on the screen that’s suppose to tell us how long it will be before the next train arrives but all i see i PCK prancing around the screen. No numbers, no nothing. And out of the blue, a thought strikes my numbing brain and shocks it back into overdrive.

Back when i was a child, we never had fancy TV screens to provide us with information and most importantly, hope. We see the numbers and we expect to see a train arriving within those minutes. We hope to see a train arriving within those minutes. I grew up watching a long board like apparatus with LEDS encased in it light up whenever a train was approaching, and it would tell you the train’s final destination. It was barely legible, extremely primitive compared to the technology we have today, but it seemed to do a pretty decent job.

Its rather symbolic isn’t it? We have been given something that doesn’t even work right, and we’re expected to applaud the effort. And of course, we are offered no explanation, given no say in whether we still want it and have no choice but to go along with it.

The train finally arrives after a record-breaking 20 minutes. Its so packed sardines would’ve complained. I look up at the TV again and the amount of time it will take for the next train to arrive is unknown. Unwilling to wait another 20 minutes, i take a deep breath, and squirm my way in.

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