December 1, 2009


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A real gem of a story.

A while ago, our beloved Law Minister Mr Shanmugam tried, desperately and to no avail, to explain Singapore’s “fair and just” legal system at the New York State Bar Association. Nobody caught any balls there, supposedly. During this speech, he mentioned that Singapore should be judged as a city, and not a country. Therefore, people shouldn’t criticise our political system so much.

How does that even make sense?

Right, so lets see. Malaysia, country, plays in World Cup qualifiers. England, country, already through to South Africa. Wait a minute, didn’t we play in the World Cup qualifiers too? Well if we are a city, then I say let New York play in the World Cup as a separate entity. If we get to do it, so should they. Its only fair.

After decades and decades of hard work by his pals to make this coun… cit… okay place. To make this place a tourism paradise, financial epicentre, technology hub… He comes out and with one whip of his tongue, destroys all that. All to convince the world that our legal system is just? Is it really worth it?

Of course, give him a couple of days and he’ll clear it up. He’ll say he didn’t mean it that way. So we’re not a country, neither are we a city. We’re an island, how’s that?

And then, to our pledge. That pile of meaningless words they make students recite over and over again everyday day of their school lives. Remember the last line?

“….. and progress for our nation.”

Nation? They should change it. They have to now. So as to achieve happiness, prosperity, and progress for our island. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

There are a couple of rebuttals right at the bottom of the article, vindicating Shanmugam. The last one in particular caught my eye.

“…. Lets get this straight… no one said anything about Singapore being a country. We have always been a city.”

The Journey of a Decade, are you being intentionally dense? Do the words NATIONAL service mean anything to you? Does the pledge ring any bells? Or do you think that FIFA, the RWB, the WFPI, the API, the UN and countless others made a mistake by adding us, a mere city, into their international ranking indexes? That’s too serious a boo boo, don’t you think?

Stop trying to convince anyone of anything. Because slowly but surely, the truth is breaking free. You can plug one hole with your finger, but if there are eleven holes and your penis isn’t big enough to plug that last hole, your boat is still going to sink. And sink it shall.


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