December 4, 2009

The Supperclub Invitation.

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I’ve had this invitation in my inbox for a few days now, and didn’t get to reading it until a few minutes ago. It made my blood boil, and then i saw who the admins were and suddenly it all began to make perfect sense.

ACS Independent, ACS Independent. Trust the kids to come up with something like that. Using Nostradamus to promote a party. First of all, NostraDAME was an idiot. Any doctor who turns to astrology, prophecy and divinity deserves that title.

There is absolutely no evidence of Nostradame’s prophecies being fulfilled. None. In fact, the word used in the wiki page is “useless”. Ouch. But of course, being possibly the only cool sounding name thats more than 5 letters long, and with the doomsday prophecy hanging off the back of everyone’s minds after the abomination that is “2012”, the kids have to exploit it.

“Come Friday, 18 December 2009. Let’s party before we die.”

Let’s party 3 years before we die? This better be one hell of a party, or one that lasts at least 35 months. If you’re going to entice people into coming to a party and try to sound smart at the same time, at least say things that make sense. Remember, you may fool people, but that’s only because they are as unintelligent as you are.


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