December 7, 2009


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It seems that Singapore has been more influenced by American culture than we thought. We have rednecks now!

This article provides an interesting read. Pay special attention to what’s written at the bottom. 58 year old housewife living in a 2 storey bungalow is afraid of foreign workers and their secret magic skills. You know, wave of the hand, crime rates go up.

Now, two things don’t add up here. Number one, rednecks in America don’t usually own 2 storey bungalows (or do they?). Number two, 58 year old housewife seems to be under the impression that foreign workers are good climbers. They’d have to go over the gate, and assuming the front door is locked, they’d have to go up the walls and through a window. That’s one too many assumptions no?

I seem to be forgetting something. Oh right, the blinding prejudice.

Why am I not surprised that it’s a 58 year old housewife who’s so worried by the situation by the way, that she plans to move? It serves to demonstrate clearly the attitude of the elderly towards foreigners, and the perception that they are the ones messing up the place. How many times have you boarded a crowded bus and noticed an elderly woman sitting next to a foreign worker, covering her nose and mouth with her hands? How many times have you seen people on the train smirk when all the Indian workers alight at Outram Park? It seems the problem doesn’t just lie with the elderly, it lies with all of us.

Then again, why rid ourselves of our prejudices? After all, we’re victims too, no? Being Singaporeans, we’re supposed to be… let’s see, excellent at math, bad drivers, never tasted gum, dog-eaters, and unimpressive in the crotchal region, just to name a few. It’s no wonder we’re so bitter when it comes to dealing with foreigners in our country.

Today, they’re living in dormitories. Tomorrow, they may be making major decisions on whether to upgrade your elevators. All it takes is a few good decisions. Beware, and embrace them while you still can.


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