December 9, 2009

Of Lethal Injections, Child Molesters and Boobies

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The Associated Press reports today that Ohio has successfully trialled a single-drug injection administration of the death penalty. The usual number is three. According to the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, this method is less painful, thus making it more humane.

How awesome is that? Finally, a time-saving solution for all prisons! One injection instead of three means doctors administering the drugs no longer have to put down the syringe, pick the other one up, flick it a few times and find the vein again. Isn’t that incredibly efficient. Not to mention humane, as well. One injection instead of three means less needle pricks, less blood, and quicker death. This deserves a Noble prize. Seriously, this is good stuff.

Here’s what the victim’s sister had to say upon witnessing the death of the inmate.

“Rock on,” Debi Heiss, Engstrom’s sister, said a moment earlier as the curtains were drawn for the coroner to check on Biros. “That was too easy.”

Rock on indeed. After all, there’s not much that could compare to the joy of watching a man die right in front of you, knowing that you enabled it. Prisons should organise after-parties, with party poppers, party hats, crazy string, and let’s not forget, Rock Band 2.

In local news, a man has pleaded guilty to molesting six underaged girls over a period of eight months, and here’s the messed up part; it all started with a toddler. This begs the age old question. “What the fuck is wrong with him?” The one year old was picked up and kissed on the lips.

It’s strange because child molesters usually start off a little older and slowly work their way down the timeline. This man has started off right at the bottom, and if he were to start exhibiting classic pedophile behaviour, what’s next for him? The maternity ward? Babies to the left, pregnant mothers to the right. Paradise.

Finally, Rachel C…Kum, the reigning Miss Singapore World (didn’t know who she was prior to reading this article), has admitted to breast augmentation before entering the pageant. I googled her images and I must say, I’m pretty impressed with the twins. And that photo of her almost swallowing a cake shaped like a penis. And of her attempting to bite someone in a penis costume. And… Okay this has to end.

My point is, why does it still come as a surprise? She entered a pageant. That says “MAKE ME FAMOUS BECAUSE I’M PRETTY”. People should already realise by now the superficiality, lack of depth and plain foolishness of Singaporean women (yes, yes, not all of you). Ris “Boomz” Low confirmed months ago that you don’t have to be even remotely intelligent to win a pageant. You just need to be prett… Oh wait that’s not it either. Ris Low is a horrible example.

Anyone with the ability to memorise lines, flash a mega-watt smile and lie successfully to the entire nation could win a pageant. Which is why they are unnecessary, unimportant and a tremendous waste of resources. Ladies, if you want to be famous, be a porn star, à la Tammy. Doesn’t even have to be intentional. Just come up with a nice “lost my phone/laptop/camcorder” story and you’re home free.

P S: Malaysian death row inmate Yong Vui Kong has been granted an extention of time by the Court of Appeal to file an appeal against his conviction and death sentence. Kudos to M Ravi for his constant, untiring efforts.

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