December 14, 2009

Of Bad, Bad Ideas

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Ris Low makes her return to the headlines today with her latest brainchild: a new pageant featuring three titles. Mr, Miss and Mrs Singapore. The article mentions the Ris has already “sent out an e-mail message to potential sponsors, such as malls and event organisers, spelling out details for the proposed event in the middle of next year”.

I see one major flaw in that statement. Ris Low can spell?

As the article so helpfully points out, we already have pageants using those three titles. Do we really need three more complete wastes of time, money and effort? If the answer is yes, then I say why stop there? Let’s build a big ferris wheel that will take people to the top of… Oh that’s already been done. Okay let’s build race tracks around the island so that fast cars can… Damn. Alright, alright, let’s build several new malls in the city district that are all actually similar except for their names and… Oh wow Singapore sure moves fast.

It seems like she won’t stop until she gets the attention she craves, so, since we’re producing brainchilds here, I have one of my own. Her very own Ris Low Day. One day out of 365, we hold a parade, yell her name in pseudo-adoration and take swigs out of champagne bottles, give thanks unto her in her name, and for the rest of the year she leaves us alone.

The Star Online today has published on its Citizen’s Blog, a piece written by what appears to be a concerned Malaysian citizen. Now, if you disregard the poor diction and read on, you’ll find that not only has this person noted several points that most Malaysians AND Singaporeans seem to have left out, he seems to disagree with the fuel cap with a passion.

He deserves a special mention because not only does he make good points, he does so while covering his tracks, subtly disagreeing with his Government and empathizing with not only his fellow Malaysians, but Singaporeans as well. I haven’t met many Malaysians with his sort of graciousness, so kudos my friend.

Finally, our favourite Minister is at it again. This time, the Havard Club of Singapore (HCS) are the unfortunate victims. They endured a thrilling address by our law Minister Mr Shanumugam who sought, once again, to assure anyone who’s willing to listen, that Singapore’s governance is exceptional.

His argument about Singapore being unique and therefore requiring a special sort of governance only the PAP can provide is really getting old. Its like saying that there’s no way a genetically engineered unicorn could outrun Seabiscuit. Until it happens, we can’t say for sure can we?


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