December 17, 2009

The Absurdity

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Mr Shanmugam is at it again. This time, he is calling for the ruling party to “provide greater political education for Singaporeans, students in particular”.

This is what’s known as “Hanging the Carrot”. What you do is you attach a carrot to the end of a fishing rod, then suspend it in front of a mule so that he begins to chase it, thus dragging the carriage along. The carrot, in this case, being the request for greater political education. That’s right, we’re the ass.

It’s a good one too. If we believe this carrot to not be unattainable, we’ll  keep running and running until finally we bring the master where he wants to go. Sure Mr Law Minister, educate our students. Teach them about politics, just like how we are taught Singapore’s history, without elements of David Marshall, Operation Coldstore etc. Teach them that our ministers need an annual salary of 3 millions dollars so that they can go to Zoukout. Tell them that all this is necessary because they are not, and never will be, “smart” enough to run the country, that is until they pledge allegiance to the ruling party.

In other news, potential copywriters/advertising executives, sear the name Imadgination Pte Ltd(47A Kampong Bahru Road) into your memories. A 25 year old woman has claimed to be molested by the “boss” of the company, one Lim Pong Heng. 36 year old  Lim pulled her close and kissed her, and also bragged about the size of his junk and his wealth of sexual experience.

This lady must’ve been one hell of a looker to have incited such a response. No sane human being would do something like that without first weighing the odds of being sued/slapped/beaten up by hired guns. Unless A, the man is beyond imbecilic. Or B, she’s so attractive that she exudes an electro-magnetic pulse which quickly disables the rational part of any man’s brain.

And finally, Happy International Migrant’s Day to all migrant workers! We celebrate your being here, and acknowledge that life would be miserable without you coming in here and making up more than 36% of our workforce. I can’t bear to imagine a scenario where there are less of you and more of us. That would be blasphemous!


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