December 18, 2009

Of Litterbugs, Adopted Talent And Soft-Apple.

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Killer litter issues have provided further proof that we Singaporeans are the best educated people in South East Asia (Quote from LKY). 26 year old Carol Ng wants a “litter guard” to be appointed for every block. Her logic is that people will think twice about what they’re doing if they know someone’s watching them.

My question is, Miss Tan, do you not think that anyone who considers hurling killer litter down their block will not have considered the possibility that someone will be looking out their window? They’re not THAT dumb. They just do it anyway. A watchdog will only add to the thrill of hearing whatever junk they throw smash into bits.

If you thought that was bad, 36 year old Mr Chong Yi Teng wants all killer litter offenders to housed in certain blocks of flats, essentially isolating them from the general population and allotting them the freedom to have a killer litter party. That’s right, discrimination is the key. Not education, not counselling, not fines. Putting them in a certain area so that we know to avoid it, that’s genius. Imagine if we had to move them because of space constraint. Our very own District 6!

Good news for local sports fans, the queen of shot put is Singaporean… Via the Foreign Sports Talent scheme. “China-born” Zhang Guirong clinched victory at the SEA games. Nice attempt at polishing it up CNA. But hey, they bring us medals every year. It’s ingenious because the only other option, besides importing foreign talent to win us medals, involves bribery and direct purchase of medals, and is apparently very frowned upon.

Finally, Apple whores may be in for a huge surprise. The first signs that Microsoft and Apple may be joining hands in the war against Google are out with Microsoft’s Bing introduced as an iPhone application. I would love to see the look on fanatical, “I use a Mac and that makes me awesome”, Mac users’ faces if and when the partnership further strengthens and Macs begin operating with Windows. Imagine the uproar.

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