December 21, 2009

Of Complete Lack Of Thinking Ability

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First, an update on the Alex Tan vs YPAP saga. Mr Sear Hock Rong, who is being lambasted by netizens over a potential conflict of interest between his job with R2E Concepts and his Grassroots work with Eunos, has AGAIN allowed fellow YPAP member Edgar Khieu to answer questions on his behalf.

This time, Mr Sear “Talk Without Thinking” Hock Rong has pissed off the moderator of online forum 3in1kopitiam by accusing regular forum visitors of being terrorists. If that isn’t talking without thinking, I don’t know what is. That’s, what, second strike now? First a dirty cheap shot on Alex by using his NS records, followed by an extremely public(and pathetic) attempt to gain sympathy from the public(I count those as one strike because of the overwhelming lack of substance), then a needless accusation.

I can’t wait to see what Sear comes up with next. Though the likelihood of him ever speaking again is very very low. He’ll probably have Edgar Khieu by his side everywhere he goes now, so he doesn’t ever have to open his mouth and say something stupid. Or he could carry around pre-written flash cards to express himself.

In other news, China fights back! The Land of the Orient, who is apparently sick of all it’s talent defecting to China Version 2, launched a job fair here in an attempt to lure them back home. My question is, do they know who they’re dealing with? This is our forte! We invented the whole “luring talent” idea, we perfected the technique and they want to do battle with us?

Finally, a Ferrari crashed early Saturday morning. The driver, one Mr Lim Chai Meng, is unhurt, save the scratches on his forehead and arms. Hmmm, Saturday morning? Ferrari? Crash? Sounds like somebody’s been out partying. Apparently, Ferrari distributors Komoco Holdings were contacted to comment on the Ferrari’s safety features.

Ferrari, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the safety of wankers who drive home after a full night of partying. In fact, you should install a complete auto-pilot feature to ensure that these people get home safe without having to touch the steering wheel. After all, their trust-funds should be enough to pay for an additional feature.


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