December 24, 2009

Of Christmas Cheer

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Miss Ding Ting, former Singaporean, now English citizen, has written an exceptional piece on the Temasek Review about “Asian Values” being the general excuse for Singapore not practicing democracy. Wait scratch that, we DO practice democracy. We practice “closed” democracy. Now that’s worth cheering for.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t democracy often associated with being “open”? Isn’t the word “liberal” in “liberal democracy” really just a redundant adjective? But hey, who am I, or rather, who are we to disagree with the almighty, all-knowing Law Minister?

If Mr Shanmugam says that “liberal democracy leads to lower quality of life and slower development”, who are we to disagree?

If Mr Shanmugam says “only the PAP can deliver good governance”, who are we to say no?

After all, compared to him, we’re just uneducated, untalented apes earning barely one eighth of his salary.

I just realised that Mr. Shanmugam has provided most of the good material this year. Cheers Sir. You have more or less been my muse for 2009. Here’s hoping you continuing carrying that baton for years to come. Good times.

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