December 28, 2009

Of Shame

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Ris Low has been having the time of her life, apparently. According to the former beauty queen, she is having the last laugh because her critics made her popular. Good for you Ris. Nevermind that you’re being ridiculed by people all over Asia, and possibly the world. Nevermind that you shamed a pageant and everyone involved in it. Nevermind that you humiliated yourself and your family. You’re popular and famous and that’s all that matters! You’re the boomz, Ris.

In a case paralleling that of Yong Vui Kong’s, Briton Akmal Shaikh will be executed via firing squad tomorrow morning for smuggling 4 kg of heroin. Akmal is said to be mentally disturbed, and has bipolar disorder.

Again, I question the intelligence and rationality of those making that decision. But I am keeping count in an attempt to find out just how many people we have to kill to stop the drug market. So far, it doesn’t look very good but hey, keep on keeping on. Or better yet, lay a ton of cocaine and heroin on a deserted island, along with a couple hundred million dollars in cash, and lure all the drug lords and their lackeys there. Once they arrive, nuke it. The classic mouse-trap maneuver. Solves all your drug woes.

Finally, ND Tiwari, governor of Andhra Pradesh, has resigned after the local television station broadcasted pictures of him in bed with not one, not two, but three women. He’s 84 years old.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Some of us haven’t even had our Christmas shag yet, and this old fart has a foursome. Perhaps he used some sort of state-of-the-art device with the ability to hypnotize and entice women into sexual accord. After all. Andhra Pradesh is one of the most high-tech states in India. Who knows what they’re hiding.

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