December 30, 2009

Of The Wonders Of China

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Mr Mentor says NO to being a satellite! In a recent interview, our MM has emphasized that while we may have an “unspoken understanding” with China, we should not “descend to becoming a satellite of Beijing and some other power”. I had to take a large swig of my coffee to wake myself up a little.

Mmm. I find it amusing that while Yong Vui Kong awaits the verdict of his final appeal against mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking here, Briton Akmal Shaikh was executed in China yesterday for the same reason. The similarities are uncanny, no? But rest assured, we’re not the satellites.

On the subject of Akmal Shaikh, the mentally disturbed drug trafficker with a dream was executed via lethal injection instead of having to face a firing squad. So now we have the English and the Chinese locked in a conflict of sorts. China even went as far as issuing what i perceive to be a mild threat.

“We urge the British side to show respect to China’s judicial supremacy and redress the mistake immediately to avoid damaging bilateral relations,”

My my, someone’s feeling bitter about the Opium War.

My only hope is that they used that brand new Ohio method of lethal injection. Swift and deadly, and much less painful/more humane.

Finally, China continues to fight naked online boobies. According to this article, “digital porn is posing a dire threat to the country’s youth”. Thats tough.

You show them China. What does that porn think it is, forcing its way into the internet, squeezing into our browsers, coercing us into locking our doors and clicking on its links, forcing our eyelids open, our hands down our pants and our faces into expressions of pleasure tinged with slight agony and shame. Who do you think you are, pornography? Infecting the minds of kids and teenagers who want nothing more than to stay celibate til they get married, stay clear of sexual education, and avoid exposure to a natural process which enabled their existence. You got some balls pornography, but just you wait. The Chinese will get you.

“I am fairly sure that if they took porn off the internet, there would only be one website left and it would be called bring back the porn.”

Dr. Percival Cox, Scrubs



  1. Dr. Percival,

    Perhaps doctor prescriptions should be remnoved in the West since what does Westerners think drugs are, forcing its way to your home, squeeze between your teeth, and run down their throats?

    “I am fairly sure that if they removed doctor drug prescription, there would be one country and it would be called bring back the doctors.” LOL

    Comment by edmund — December 30, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

  2. You catch on fast, edmund.

    Comment by theinkhorn — December 30, 2009 @ 4:50 pm

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