December 31, 2009

The Chinese

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It is the last day of 2009, and as we brace ourselves to enter yet another mundane year, self-respecting writers all over the globe are scrambling to put the finishing touches on their respective year-end articles. I did it as early as the 26th, and that therefore gives me time to write about incredible China.

China, one of the world’s oldest civilisations, boasting rich history, almost 10 million square kilometres of land and a 1.4 billion strong population, is destined to be a major power. Her impact on the world we know today cannot be doubted. Their economy has progressed significantly. One could argue that China is possibly only communist by name, and that within its veins runs the thick blood of capitalism. Her leaders are intelligent, making full use of the resources available to them. If we had the power to rewrite history, there is no doubt that one or two minor corrections would result in China being the most important nation in our modern society. Yet, I find myself posing the same question over and over again; What the fuck is wrong with the Chinese?

Chinese newspapers and web users have ignored all condemnation from Britain and hailed the execution of drug trafficker Akmal Shaikh. One headline reads “China No Longer an Amusement Park for Crimes of Foreigners”. In my last post, I wondered (out loud) if the Chinese were still feeling bitter about the Opium war. A web user from Guangxi confirms my suspicions, claiming it to be “a day that Chinese people held their heads up and it’s a day to comfort national heroes…who fought against opium smoking”.

Let me state first and foremost that I utterly condemn the execution. Even more so, I condemn these remarks. They disgust me, and it pains me to read about such ignorance and cruelty. The petulance of the Chinese, even after their government has taken the life of a man deemed to be mentally unstable for an offence that should not warrant a death sentence, sickens me.

It was previously stated that the amount of drugs found on Shaikh could have caused the deaths of over 25,000 people. This is where most people are mistaken. Drugs do not cause death. Similarly, guns do not cause deaths. The number one cause of death? Human beings.

It is downright ridiculous to suggest that such man-made, artificial entities could cause death. They are non-living objects, whose purpose is to be used and to function as part of modern society’s many unnecessary accessories. It is us, who are at fault.

Drugs cannot hurt us if we do not allow them to. Unless the cannabis plant suddenly grows arms and slashes you all over with its leaves.

For too long, drugs have been conveniently exploited and named as scapegoats. They have had fingers pointed at them by those who fervently refuse to admit that it is our responsibility to educate our youth on the dangers of drug use. We consistently push the blame on them for destroying the lives and minds of many. The truth is, eliminating all drugs will never work because there will always be alternative means of obtaining them. The only real way of annihilating the drug market is to educate. Inform. Teach. It is time to take responsibility.

If the Chinese think that instilling fear is the solution to crime, they are severely mistaken. There will be plenty more vandals, thieves, drug traffickers, prostitutes, robbers, murderers etc. How many are they going to kill before they realise that crime will never cease? How many have to die so that the Chinese can continue feeling proud that their nation practices such intolerance? What sort of education will it take for them to realise that reveling in the death of a mentally disturbed individual is not just cruel, but plain repulsive? And how long will it take all of us to understand that it is not our place to decide whether one’s life should end?

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