January 4, 2010

Of Things Going Wrong

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Sometimes when things start to go wrong, they never seem to stop. Like a snowball tumbling down a hill in winter, the YPAP are gathering so much momentum, it seems almost impossible to stop them.

This time, the joker’s name is Mr. Eric How. Eric makes a whole series of claims, beginning with how “karma” is responsible for citizens who aren’t doing so well. Then, he goes on to brag about how his parents have done the right thing, including buying him and his siblings their own personal vehicle before condescendingly asking readers to “buck up”.

Eric makes an excellent point. We, the common folks, the “lesser mortals“, should not be nagging excessively because we don’t have rich parents to buy us stuff. We should be happy actually, that wankers like Eric get to drive their car around, have some fun, and then make their parents pay their credit card bills, road taxes, and top up their cash cards for them. Maybe even buy them a nice pair of knickers.

In fact, I’ve decided that i’m so happy for Eric, i’m going to do the right thing. So Eric, if you see this, leave me your contact so the next time your cashcard runs dry, the top up is on me. Just because you’ve been so special, and also to earn me some good karma.

In other news, two Malaysian MPs with differing views want each other to resign. Apparently one side doesnt think it’s okay for people of other beliefs to use the word Allah(oops i just used it) while the other think those views are narrow-minded.

I have a two questions. First, is it okay for me to say Challah? It does contain the forbidden word. But it would be tough for me to walk into a restaurant and order “white bread enriched with eggs, usually in a braided loaf, traditionally eaten by Jews on Friday evening at the Sabbath meal”.

Second, I do believe that Allah(oops there i go again) has 99 names. Does that mean I’m not allowed to use the sentence “Al-Aziz Computers: The Best Place To Buy Laptops, Desktops And Computer Accessories“?

Finally, the United States’ Transportation Security Administration have come up with a list of 14 countries most likely to contain terrorists… I mean 14 countries considered to be “high-risk”. Surprise surprise, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Iran are all on the list.

The strategy, containing evident racial classification and stereotyping, means enhanced screening for passengers “flying from or through state sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest”. Very smart boys. You’ve figured out that terrorism and disdain for the United States only exists in those 14 countries. After all, the rest of the world loves you to death, no?

Maybe they just don’t have enough funds to conduct enhanced screenings on everyone. Hmmm. In that case, allow me to introduce you to Mr Eric How. Eric, US. US, Eric. He apparently has rich folks. Would probably send some dough over if you promise to welcome him with open arms and about twenty Vegas dancers. Problem solved.


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