January 7, 2010

Of Strange Decisions

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Malaysia, Malaysia. Really, what’s the big deal? The High Court is re-thinking its decision to allow the Catholic Church to use the A-word in its newspaper. According to Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, it is a “matter of national interest”. I’m not sure the nation is really that interested actually. But let’s say they are. Would they be annoyed at an atheist’s use of the sentence “I gave the wallah some challah“? Or is it the specific annunciation of the word “Allah” by someone of a different faith that annoys them? Would use of the sentence be considered undermining national security, or does it have to be something with Allah in it?

Never mind that it is within the Herald’s constitutional rights to use the word. What matters is that UMNO manages to distract everyone else from what really matters and lead them to focus on a completely irrelevant and unimportant issue. Good idea. Allow more peaceful protests. That’ll help.

In other news, civil rights group “Action On Rights For Children” are concerned that body scanners, introduced after a failed detonation by “exploding underpants man“, would somehow end up manufacturing kiddy porn. So in order to be as fair as possible, how about distributing forms that allow the child to select one of two screening processes.

For your child’s screening process, would you prefer:

a) Someone to take his/her clothes off touch him/her all over (Strip Search)

b) Someone to take  naughty pictures of him/her (Body Scanner)

c) No screening required (No Thank You)

That way, parents/civil rights groups uncomfortable with having images of their children taken can instead opt for them to be felt up. If that doesn’t work either, they can always choose not to have their kids screened. Of course, that would mean “exploding diaper kids” might be the next terrorist weapon.

Elsewhere, Sarah Hanson-Young’s article on ABC’s website deserves special mention for several reasons. “Racism does exist in Australia”, despite the Captain Obvious ispired title, is an honest and passionate piece which encourages one to start thinking. Sarah believes that the Australian government must start recognizing that racism is a problem in Australia, instead of dodging the issue. The is no shame in admitting that a portion of your citizens are racist. Tat ratio exists in practically every country in the world. The real shame is when you refuse to see the obvious. Well done Miss Hanson-Young.

Finally, if you haven’t already sign the petition for immediate action to be taken against Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, please do so here. However, if you, like certain people governing a certain island, believe that diplomats and rich, fat, balding wankers are above the law, please ignore my request. Cheers.


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