January 11, 2010

Of Huge Waste Of Gas, Money And Time

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Malaysians are still hurling molotov cocktails at churches  One would assume that with gas prices at an all time high, they’d think twice about wasting all that petrol. I suppose god/allah will provide. What’s surprising to me is how seemingly incompetent the malaysian police force seem to be. Churches have been attacked since last week and not one arrest has been made. Again, I suppose god/allah will do something about it. The only thing that could make this story more interesting is if a muslim converted publicly. Imagine the chaos.

In local news, start waving goodbye to Yusof Ishak, Singaporeans. LKY-headed GIC is on the verge of losing another S$1 billion of taxpayer’s money. Though it should come as no surprise to anyone. Us Singaporeans should be used to losing money by now, especially via GIC and Temasek Holdings. That’s S$60 billion lost in slightly more than a year. Even when we aren’t gambling, we’re losing money. Might as well, eh? Turf City here I come!

Finally, my favourite story of the day, say hello to robowhore. Roxxxy the robo-prossy, developed by a company based in New Jersey (why am I not surprised?), is capable of vocal response to touch, thanks to sensitive touch sensors at strategic locations. No prizes for guessing where.

Apparently besides providing sexual pleasure, Roxxxy is capable of carrying out simple conversations. According to the founder of that particular New Jersey company, “The real aim is to make the doll someone the owner can talk to and relate to.”

Oh wow that’s exactly what men need. Conversation after sex with a robot. That makes it much less creepy. By the way Americans, robots don’t “relate” to anything. You can watch “Bicentennial Man” as many times as you like, doesn’t make it real.


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