January 13, 2010

Of Solutions

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60 minutes into the job and Sarah Palin has yet again provided some serious comical material. According to her, lies have been told about her by John McCain’s campaign aides. Lies such as her not knowing why North and South Korea are separate nations. Now, let’s all be frank here. Does that not sound like classic Palin to you? Remember that this is a woman who despite being a vice-presidential candidate in the elections two years ago, could not name a single newspaper or magazine she reads. Sorry Sarah, but even the “Department of Law” would find in my favour.

Moving on, Google is threatening to remove themselves from China after attacks on human rights activists email accounts. Amnesty International has applauded the move and encouraged other companies to follow suit. Personally, I’d like to see how that works out. Maybe the Chinese could switch to Alta Vista.

At last, a solution to high cost of living around the world. Singaporeans may want to pay attention to this. As we all know, HDB prices are at an all time high. So are utilies, transport fees, food prices etc.

Want to live in comfort and yet spend much much less than you are now? Go to Indonesia and commit a crime! Check this cell out. Doesn’t that look fantastic? Only 64-square-metres but complete with air-conditioning, flat screen TV, private kitchen, bathroom and double-bed!

What in the blue hell would a prisoner need a double bed for? More space so they can have company over? Former businesswoman Artalyta Suryani was apparently in the middle of laser beauty treatment when an inspection of the cells was being carried out. Laser beauty treatment. Boy those Indonesians sure have it good.

Finally, the Hong Kong High Court leads by example by sentencing three drug traffickers to long prison terms instead of death. The three Filipino women were carrying more than 10 times the amount of heroin that would mandate the death penalty in both Singapore and China, plus some cocaine. Under Hong Kong law, drug traffickers face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and a fine of up to HK$5,000,000, approximately US$650,000.

I applaud Hong Kong for their stance against the mandatory death penalty. China and Mini-China have a lot to learn.


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