January 14, 2010

Of Weird Revelations

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Move aside Christians. The Sikhs are the new targets. A Sikh Temple was stoned yesterday by “mischievous children”. Strange. When did Malaysians start being addressed as “mischievous children”?

If you’re going to do this, might as well go all the way. I would like to see all other religious buildings in Malaysia get stoned/fire-bombed. It’s only fair isn’t it. Since the government clearly isn’t doing anything about it, might as well run amok. In fact, I propose that individuals vandalise their own respective religious building.

Think about it. Whatever happens to any religious building in Malaysia at the moment will automatically be classified as vandalism by Muslims, which means… No charge! So, mad because your church leader guilt-tripped you into giving extra tithes? Pissed off because your Granthi accidently stepped on your new shoes? Annoyed because your monk is so much more zen than you are? Now’s your chance to let the cat out of the bag and not be held responsible for it!

In other news, China takes the word “anal” to a new level, or completely disallows it depending on your interpretation of the word. No sending of pornographic material via phone or you could be banned for texting. Their tough online policy apparently a key element of “state security”. Yeah, you really don’t want Lexi Belle jumping out of your computer screen threatening to bomb the “Bird’s Nest” with the C4 lodged in her anus. Message received, Beijing.

Finally, huge revelation for private ‘O’-Level candidates in Singapore. Apparently, ‘O’-Level candidates in prison get better grades than you. Now, depending if you’re a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person, your options are to either:

a) Give it up because you are officially worthless
b) Commit a crime and take your ‘O’-Levels in prison.


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