January 18, 2010

Of Hypocrisy

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City Harvest has announced a plan to build a new church in the central south district. The price? A whooping $310 million. Founder Kong Hee described the area as “super large”. Really? You really can’t think of any synonyms for “super large”?

$310 million. I wonder, City Harvest, if that money could have gone to better use. There are homeless living in Sembawang Park, who are being told to leave or risk being sent to an “institution” where freedom is an almost non-existent commodity, and you decided to spend $310 million on a new building? To do what? Glorify that faceless entity that you call god?

Riddle me this. Working under the assumption that there really is an omnipotent spiritual being who is capable of everything the bible claims, would it not be more pleasing to him/her if you used that money to say… build a shelter for the homeless? Instead, you use the money to erect a bigger, better building for the sole purpose of acquiring more funds for further expansion(of both land and your wallets). Glorifying indeed. Strange thing is, church-goers always seem to be able to sidestep the issue. Religion is truly a virus of the mind.

In other news, the Temasek Review has called for a complete boycott of Singapore companies that put up job ads recruiting foreigners only. I cannot tell you how excited I am. A real life “THEY TOOK OUR JOBS” moment.

I can understand where these companies are coming from. Cheaper, faster and better is what makes you money. Unfortunately, very few companies know where to draw the line. Cheaper often holds more priority than faster or better. That is where TR’s rage originates. For foreigners who may happen to come across that article, if you do get upset, I would encourage you to re-examine your emotions in a composed manner. It is not wrong for us to look after our fellow citizens first.

If you still insist on special treatment, here’s the secret. Take more English classes, then do a “Michael Jackson”. I guarantee you, once you start looking and talking like a caucasian, it doesn’t matter what skills you lack. Doesn’t matter if you have none to speak of, in fact. That’s the beauty of Singapore. The inferiority complex is so strong, we automatically assume that an individual with skin paler than ours holds a stronger social position.

I weep for my people.

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