January 19, 2010

Of Even More Stupidity

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Good news. Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and the Federal Territories have been given the permission to use the word “allah”, mainly because they don’t have sultans as their head of state. I have a question then. If I stand on the state border, say between KL and Selangor, right foot on KL and left on Selangor, does that mean I’m allowed to say half the word? “All” or “Ah”. I guess “Lah” would be acceptable as well.

If you think that’s ridiculous, then you may have capture a quarter of my sentiments towards the issue.

A Malaysian facebook user has been charged for what has been deeemed an offensive facebook status update. Directly translated, it reads “Should I throw the petrol bomb there now…price is negotiable.” Now that is just plain stupid. Whether it’s meant to be a sarcastic remark, a genuine question on whether action should be taken on your part, or a distasteful joke, that is just plain stupid. You don’t write “Should I hold my Bar Mitzvah now? It’s cheap,” on a Nazi publication during World War 2. No, you wait until the war is over. Or at least until you stowaway on a ship heading to France. Bad bad timing Mr Tasyrif Tajudin.

Finally, Deputy Chairman of GIC Dr Tony Tan has predicted the arrival of a golden age for Asia within the next ten years. Oh goody. Would that be before or after GIC and Temasek Holdings lose even more money? By the way, a monkey could predict the same thing.

I assume golden age refers to massive profits, investment growth and more power to the markets yes? Well in that case, riddle me this. How much does GIC have to recover just to break even, assuming it’s even possible. And if that prophecy does manifest, what’s going to change for us? I know! Higher HDB prices! Higher GST! Higher wages for our Ministers! Higher buildings for us to jump off from! Nice one Tony, but no thanks. I’d rather have a weak economy than a false one. But that’s only because i’m not getting paid millions to lose money. You, on the other hand…

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