January 22, 2010

Of Overeasy

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AWARE President Miss Dana Lam has lambasted the bar aptly named OverEasy for their “cup size” promotion last weekend. If you don’t already know about it, basically women were given free drinks according to their cup sizes. You can imagine what a TITillating spectacle it was. Personally I find the whole thing very intriguing.

Let’s talk about the women who attended the event. I’ve gone ahead and assumed that they share 4 general mentalities.
A) I want to be liberal, open, and “western”
B) I want to feel empowered and unabashed
C) I want free drinks and fun
D) I want attention

Group A – The Wankers

It is pretentious, it is wanky, and it is downright sad to aspire to be “western”. Of course, we must understand that Asian women in general, Singaporeans in particular, have quite an extreme inferiority complex. I attribute this to the influence of American pop culture and the emergence of various asian stereotypes. The truth is, almost everything good on TV is produced by Caucasians. It is understandable that we develop an inferiority complex. My advice to the women in Group A is this: Wake the fuck up.

Group B – The Mistaken

Having completely misunderstood the true meaning of empowerment, these women have willingly offered up their bodies and dignities in exchange for having what they perceive as “fun”, and have done it under that very pretense. The truth is, my confused beauties, being viewed as a sex object may bring you power. But it will never gain you any respect. But hey, respect schmespect. That doesn’t matter to you, simply because you are part of the mass delusion of “all that matters is what I think”.

Group C – The Alcoholics/Fun-junkies

Singaporeans are a weird bunch. It must be the working/schooling conditions because every opportunity they get to drown themselves in alcohol, they grab. I don’t know about you, but I drink because I enjoy savouring the flavour contrast of a gin and tonic with freshly squeezed lime. For them, it is all about getting sloshed.

My question is this: When you get up the next day, do you go “Holy shit I love getting drunk”? Or do you, like me, clutch your head and curse yourself for the excessive alcohol consumption the night before. Odds are, the latter rings true. Why then do you repeat the process? That brings me to Group D.

Group D – The Attention-whores

Now let’s face it. All of you want attention. It may stem from a lack of social interaction as a child. Or perhaps your daddy didn’t pay enough attention to you growing up. Either way, you see events such as these as a way to compensate for that missing attention.

The way to achieve that is to:

a) Use your physical assets

b) Get incredibly drunk so that people notice and start to take care of you (ergo, mention in Group C)

Of course, these are just my personal observations, compiled and analysed. Intelligence is a rare enough trait in modern society, and the science of genetics ensures that the ratio will remain constant throughout. Therefore, I understand the need for these women to attempt to make up for their lack of intellectual prowess by exploiting their sexuality and physical assets.

Ms Dana Lam, however, must note that one of the key elements of feminism is the right to bodily integrity, and the right of a female to express herself sexually. I may not agree with the event, or the women who attended the event. I may even question their intelligence, and throw in a few insults along the way. However, I do insist that they take responsibility for their actions instead of completely attributing their behaviour to the influence of feminism.

The actions of one seeks only to describe one. If women are collectively viewed as sexual objects, it can only be due to narrow-mindedness, and a preference for the convenience of generalizing as opposed to owning separate opinons.


  1. On women who fall in to group B,

    It is pathethic how some Asians seem to feel the need to worship the ground that Caucasians walk on. This ‘White-worship’ is especially evident in many youths today who affect American-accented english. I have seen a video where an interviewer questioned a singaporean girl about her accent and if she was schooled abroad. Her unabashed answer was “I watch a lot of American TV!”

    Asians are already considered ‘lower-caste’ in some Caucasians’ eyes and these women, by degrading themselves even further by mimicking their actions and worshipping them, basically adds to the Caucasian’s notions that they are better and puts Asians even lower in the inferiority scale. Its disgusting. At least be proud of who you are.

    A few free drinks has nevr hurt anyone though.

    Comment by Georgia — January 23, 2010 @ 1:13 pm

  2. Precisely. And the fact that Singaporeans don’t have their own identity doesn’t make things any better. Going in search of a new identity, one they feel comfortable with, is a purely natural reaction. Throw in that pop culture influence and we have the finished product: Group B. The sad and the confused.

    Unfortunately, they don’t think that way. Degrading, to them, is eating at coffee shops, speaking mandarin, drinking at pubs. They don’t realise that what they’re actually doing is sacrificing their heritage and their culture. Why they’re so proud of it, i can’t comprehend. Perhaps one of them might educate me someday.

    Comment by theinkhorn — January 23, 2010 @ 5:44 pm

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