January 26, 2010

Of Religion And Massacre

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There may yet be hope for Malaysia. I’ve never said this with such conviction, but after reading this article written by none other than Anwar Ibrahim, I am utterly convinced that all is not lost. In the article, Anwar offers his take on the “allah” issue. I don’t know if the majority of Malaysians will understand it though. I mean, with words like “lexicon”, “exorbitant” and “demagogues” present in the article? He should have provided a link on the page. Yes, it’s a little harsh. But what do you expect me to say about a country where men beat their own parents to death in order to quit smoking?

My problem is more with religion, spirituality and the concept of faith than with Malaysians. For instance, I also question the intelligence of those involved in the muslim-christian clashes in Nigeria. It makes less sense than having the Chinese and Indians in Singapore clash over who’s fairy tale character kicks more ass.

Good news for democracy activists. Myanmar’s detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi may be released after the October parliamentary elections. I’m not sure the Junta will let it happen this easily, but keep an eye on this one.

Finally, in other news, “Chemical Ali”, former Iraq official and enforcer in Suddam Hussein’s regime has been hung for his crimes against humanity. The audio clip contains an interview with one of the survivors of “Chemical Ali’s” gas attack. At about 02:04, listen as the interviewer asks her if she’d rather he lived and served a life sentence.

It is a fantastic idea. Of course, the entire plan works under the assumption that “Chemical Ali” has a conscience and the ability to experience guilt. While I’m not so sure it’d be effective, i applaud her for her rationality. Besides suggesting that perhaps the best way to punish the man is to have him face the lives he’s helped destroy, month after month, she understands how hanging him would provide closure for the families of his victims. Well done, Freshta Raper.

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  1. Hilarious. Linked. Thanks:)

    Comment by Singazine — January 26, 2010 @ 1:31 pm

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