January 27, 2010

Of Shit Hitting The Fan

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Days like these, I wonder why there’s never any new material on the news. It’s always the same old stuff, e.g “HDB flats are affordable!” It feels like some sort of ancient Wicca ritual. You know, throw some magic powder into the fire, chant the same line over and over and hope that sooner or later, it crosses the fantasy barrier and into reality. I should give it a shot. Norah Jones wants me…

The biological waste material has officially come into contact with the  spinning turbine for the YPAP, whose entire “Eric How is an imposter” story has been blown apart by the Temasek Review’s CSI-esque efforts. YPAP Chairpersons and PAP members Zaqy Mohamad and Teo Ser Luck have come under fire for not handling the situation better, while Eric How and several other YPAP members have been blasted for their part in the fiasco.

To be fair, I understand their decision to “pull a Nixon”. Denial is, after all, human nature. What i cannot comprehend is the lie itself, and the failure to cover up. I consider myself quite the expert on the art of deception, and the fact that they failed to cover their tracks by leaving Edgar Khieu as a friend on the “imposter’s” facebook account makes me quite sad.

What bothers me the most, however, is the story itself. Are Singaporeans suppose to believe that some random guy decided he was going to discredit Eric How, who is practically a nobody, just for laughs? Please, YPAP, you’re breaking my balls.

In other news, an Indonesian petition for Obama’s bronze statue to be torn down has caught the attention of authorities. According to the website, it is because “Barack Obama has yet to make a significant contribution to the Indonesian nation.” By that logic, we should remove the Merlion. What has it done for us besides throw up 24/7?

Finally, the battle between Microsoft and Google is set to reach new heights after Bill “China FTW” Gates declared that he was “unimpressed and a bit perplexed” by Google’s threat to pull out of China. Do i sense mind games being played?

The fact is, Billy, even if Google were to pull out of China, or the US for that matter, Bing would just be playing second fiddle. A last resort, if you will. Doesn’t that just make you so proud?


  1. Linked under, ‘Politics’. Cheers.

    Comment by Singazine — January 27, 2010 @ 12:41 pm

  2. haha, you are too dramatic and think too highly of yourself

    Comment by b y balls — January 27, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

  3. i don’t think i’ve ever been called dramatic, ever. arrogant, yes.

    i do, however, believe i perceive of myself rather reasonably. thinking too highly of one’s self isn’t exactly the safest, or smartest thing to do.

    Comment by theinkhorn — January 27, 2010 @ 3:44 pm

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