February 1, 2010

Of Warning Signs

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The times, they are a-changing. As more and more Singaporeans begin to awake from what can only be describe as a slumber, a hibernation of sorts, the prospect of losing their positions of power is beginning to intimidate the country’s leaders. Time and time again, the warning signs have announced themselves, time and time again they have been ignored.

While I fully understand the opportunistic and selfish nature of man, i cannot begin to comprehend the actions and intentions of our leaders. What would possess a man to sit behind his desk and claim his million-dollar paycheck while his fellow man, his fellow citizens, struggle to make ends meet. How does one react with so much indifference to the poverty that exists under his rule? Why would one, in an effort to continue claiming his multi-million dollar paycheck, make empty promises and tell blatant lies?

The warning signs have once again flashed themselves and the proverbial penis is up and harder than ever. Every move they make is being monitored closely. Never have they been under such pressure. PAP’s medicine has been delivered, this time to their own mouths, and they don’t seem to be enjoying the taste. Perhaps they’ve never heard the wise words of Bob Dylan. Better start swimming, MIW, or you’ll sink like a stone.


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  1. PAP is a motha fokin’ prick man! How could they do this to homeless people. I wish I could get in the ring with those worthless whores of a NPark Ranger and officials beat the living fuck out of them.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 13, 2010 @ 5:54 pm

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