February 3, 2010

Of Questions.

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What is with Malaysia and sodomy? One can’t help but wonder. You’d think that after the first time, they’d come up with something better. But no, Anwar is still on trial for charges of sodomy. The truth is, unlike the first episode, hardly anybody believes the story anymore. Surely Malaysia is creative enough to come up with a better story.

In other news, the Temasek Review today published an article weighing up the Government’s performance and significance, essentially putting into words what we were thinking all along. Myths are busted and lies are exposed in this one.

Following on the heels of Singapore’s “no corruption” story, a 22 year old woman successfully bribed a former Deputy Superintendent of Police into finding her a scapegoat. And all it took was $1000. I had no idea former high ranking police officers were so easy to buy. Now i know what to get my drink-driving friends for their birthdays.

Elsewhere, Iran’s Green movement is set to rally after Ahmadinejad’s regime hung two protesters last week, with further plans to murder nine more government critics. Call it courage, call it stupidity, call it what ever you want, I admire it. Makes me wonder if anyone would ever dare to rally if the PAP decided to take a page out of Ahmad’s book. They’ve already done the political imprisonment bit, who’s to say what comes next?

Finally, Google is in it for the win. After launching the Nexus One as a direct rival to the iPhone, Google has released designs for their very own tablet. The Google OS isn’t even here yet, and now a tablet? My heart can’t take much more, Google. Save me JooJoo!


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    Comment by Singazine — February 3, 2010 @ 8:57 pm

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