February 4, 2010

Of Religion, Politics and… Photography?

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France will deny a man citizenship after it was revealed that he would not allow his wife to leave the house unless she wore the full Islamic veil. It’s a strange situation because while the man refused his wife the liberty of making her own choices, the French refusal to grant him citizenship suggests that they too will refuse the man the liberty of making his choices, especially since he “does not respect the values of the republic”.

The most obvious sign of religious intolerance has come from French Prime Minister François Fillon. Besides the obvious religious discrimination, Fillon openly admits that he would disregard the opinion of the Council of State and sign the decree anyway. I thought the United States was the only place where politicians could say stupid things and get away with it.

In local news, James Gomez’s Singaporeans for Democracy (SfD) has been gazetted as a political association and thus will not be able to accept donations from “impermissible or foreign sources”. A few days early and this would be in my “Surprise” post. Clearly, Mr Gomez would have fully expected it and would have made preparations to deal with the situation. Heck, anyone would have expected it.

Finally, picking up girls has never been easier. All you need is a camera, a bogus name card, and a dreamy “thinking man” expression, and let the local girls’ pure asininity take over.

Do I think he’s out of line? Absolutely not. In fact, I applaud him. His success in exploiting the ambitions and desires of the two 20-year-olds(for crying out loud, you’re not even teenagers anymore) exposes the complete absurdity of their cerebral processes(or lack thereof).

The problem with young (and the not so young) women in Singapore nowadays is they have their head up their arses. Popular culture has indeed succeeded in breeding an obsession with aesthetics within the minds of women. To the point they fail to recognise a chocolate coated poison dark as a threat. On the one hand, I weep for these women. On the other, new pick-up line!


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