February 5, 2010

Of Pretty Names, Crazy Judges And Lousy Drivers.

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Do you trust the government? Well according to one Miss Marissa Lee of the Straits Times, data collected by US based PR firm Edelman says you do! Apparently, 84 percent of Singaporeans trust the government.

Seriously? How was the survey formatted?

Do you:

a) Trust your government
b) Trust your government
c) Trust your government
d) No comment (this answer will cost you $20)

As for the journalist, I really can’t say I’m surprised. Pretty name though.

If you’ve ever wondered why I don’t write about the Philippines, this should explain most of  it. How do you make fun of a country whose judges are mentally challenged? They’re already a joke. Though going by that logic, I should probably stop writing about Singapore too.

Finally, justice looks set to be servde as suspended Romanian jackass Silviu Ionescu faces charges of manslaughter, fleeing from scene and providing false testimony. I find it a massive insult to Singaporeans that he thought he could get away scot-free. Why, because we’re a small country with a population less than a quarter that of Romania? Because we’re Asian? Because our government is lame? To think I rooted for Romania at the Euros.

Speaking of Asians, don’t you think the stereotypification of Asians not being able to drive should be amended? Compared to a Romanian diplomat, we’re F1 racers.


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