February 17, 2010

Refuting Rony’s Regrets

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In Rony Tan’s first public statement since his indiscretion, the well thought out speech expressed his regrets and presented his vows to promote religious harmony. I say “well thought out” because anything compared to his previous comments can be seen as well thought out. While I appreciate his apology(which for me was completely uncalled for), there are a few sentences within his speech that i find extremely annoying.

First, the reviewing of their “literature”. I take offence at the usage of the term “literature”. Church flyers can hardly be considered art. Drawing from experience, the flyers are probably the only original pieces. Any other material you may have plagiarised is not “yours”. So “your literature” would probably read something like “Come experience the wonders….”. Shakespeare would turn in his grave.

Second, “….we must realise that upholding religious harmony is promoting peace, unity and true freedom.” If it is true freedom, then surely you are granted that similar freedom to say whatever you wish without being harassed. The truth is, that sort of freedom does not exist in this country.

Third, “Let there be no criticism of any religion.” Excrement. That’s what I think of that statement. And of religion, actually. If there can’t be any criticism of any religion, then what sort of freedom are you promoting? The sort of hypocritical, two-faced, dishonest and patronising freedom that goes hand in hand with fear? You’ll understand if i want no part of it.

Fourth, “I feel unbearably terrible for my grave error for which I regret deeply. I’ve let many people down.” What error? Did Rony not mean what he said? Of course he did. He sincerely believed in it, enough to preach it. Where’s the error then? If the error in question is his opinion, then I don’t think he makes for a very good spiritual leader. If your opinions form as easily as they dissolve, then you probably shouldn’t be herding sheep. If the error in question is that particular sermon, then does that mean that all his past sermons should be disregarded since they could all potentially be grave errors.

The rest is religious rubbish that can easily be refuted. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the interest at the moment. He may genuinely believe that he’s let many down, and indeed some may have experienced the sort of disappointment that presents itself after a father is exposed to be a raging alcoholic, but I couldn’t have wished for a better way to begin the year. Albeit unintentionally, his actions over the course of the last few weeks have done more to reveal the nature of Singaporeans than any exercise could. My only regret is, like his fellow Singaporeans, Rony has a rather distorted view of freedom, and an even stranger logic to go along. Then again, what do you expect from the religious?



  1. 38 Point-by-point Clarifications of Misconceptions
    in Pastor Rony Tan’s Vids can be seen @

    Comment by ThinkAgain — February 18, 2010 @ 1:58 am

  2. ‘Let there be no criticism of any religion.’

    That’s what I thought: rubbish statement. Let there be equally plenty criticism of all religions. (And of atheism; but then they’re usually not the ones with the thin skins).

    Comment by Rob — February 19, 2010 @ 12:37 pm

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