March 4, 2010

Such Ignorance

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I had in mind a whole host of topics to write about. The CBCP’s call for a ban on condom ads… The 14 year old who set fire to a mosque, another set of stupid statements made by an MP. But then I read a comment on a facebook page, and three or four clicks later I decided that this would be my topic for today.

JC students, intellectuals or idiots? Now that’s a tough one to answer. Being a JC student means only one thing: You got better results for Os than others did. Does that mean you’re more intelligent? If your answer is yes, then get yourself some glasses because that is an EXTREMELY myopic view of intelligence. All it means, is that you took in the bullshit fed to you with a big wide smile and regurgitated it where it mattered most: Onto the test paper.

I stumbled upon this facebook group earlier today and this comment made by one Miss Denise “Weasel” Cheong. Now, I remember this lady from Kenneth Lin’s facebook group, where she made similar comments, referring to the members of the group as “kids”, urging them to stop complaining. Of course, I didn’t feel the need to reply because hey, how do you take someone with a cartoon of a giraffe on her blog seriously? But her arrogance reminds me a lot of how I act. The difference, and it is a major one, is that we are on opposite sides of the proverbial fence, and her lawn is one that only she can appreciate.

Is Denise a moron? I have no doubt about it. But that’s only because most people are morons. I merely classify her under that category for convenience. Perhaps she’ll prove me wrong someday, though it is highly unlikely. I read her entry on separation and merger, and while the language and tone made it very difficult to take seriously, I did manage to finish it. The entire post is a rant, complaining about separation and merger being removed from the school syllabus, and not being able to “flaunt her knowledge” about Singapore’s economic development. And that perhaps epitomizes what JC students stand for. Too much trust in our education system and what they are taught, and too much confidence in their abilities.

The separation and merger is but a speck of dust in the lint trap that is Singapore’s history. Teaching how to sustain Singapore’s economic development in schools is a joke. But what really makes me laugh is how seriously Denise takes the social studies curriculum.

Child, before you even begin to talk about separation and merger, how about reading up on the formation of the USC, PMSF, and the PAP? How about going through our REAL history? The first sedition trial, with LKY serving as Junior Counsel to Pritt? Operation Spectrum? Operation Coldstore? How about finding out about the disgraceful actions of your revered dictator? If you think Nelson Mandela was a hero for 27 years of political imprisonment, then give it up for Chia Thye Poh. He whoops Mandela’s ass with an astounding 32 years. How about Devan Nair? Lim Chin Siong? David Marshall? JBJ? The Anson by-elections? Ong Teng Cheong’s request that wasnt granted, up til his demise?

All this talk about educating people, and “flaunting your knowledge”. Believe me sweetheart, there are people on the streets who would easily shame you on the spot with their knowledge of history and understanding of politics beyond the textbooks. And believe me, we would be glad to do so anytime.

Her comments on Kenneth’s facebook group page are signs of a self-righteous, self-important, hypocritical, egotistical(not very opposed to this), brain-washed individual who has close to zero knowledge of how her country came about. What she does know comes from what she is taught, and for that I can call her a sheep, for she is easily herded and possesses almost no critical thinking skills, and no hunger and desire to gain even more knowledge. Which is why the bible verse on her blog failed to surprise me.

Intelligence has less to do with possession of knowledge than with the desire to acquire knowledge. I urge you, Denise, before you make a fool of yourself yet again, to start reading. It is your “naivety and immaturity”, coupled with your severe lack of understanding with regards to our history, and complete lack of thinking ability that shocks, amuses, and astonishes me. I would put you in the same bracket as Wee Shu Min if I thought you had half the influence she had, considering her father’s position. Unfortunately, you are but an insignificant speck of bumfluff whose pathetic attempt to convince society of her intellectual prowess has failed completely. Perhaps your peers consider you one of their finest scholars within the social group. That, then, would speak volumes of their intellects, or lack thereof.

If you sincerely believe, after finding out what this government is capable of, what they have done to ensure their retention of power, what they will do, how they twist words around so that idiots like you believe what they say, if you genuinely feel like this is good governance, then I pity you. If you think people should be grateful for what they have instead of constantly seeking improvement(which is extremely dim-witted because there can be no progress without conflict), if you think people should fear their governments, then you should consider moving to a country ruled by tyrants, where her people live in constant fear and apprehension, where political activity is stifled, but also fulfills your innate desire for a religious nation. Go to North Korea and preach your version of politics and education, Denise, and perhaps they will revere you. They, after all, follow the same modus operandi as your faith. But this is Singapore. When the winds of change caresses your cheeks and mess up your hair, I sincerely doubt you’ll prefer the old days.


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