March 5, 2010

Religion + Pro Life Group + Philippines = Disaster

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I have just read the most incredible piece of garbage. Unsurprisingly, it came from the Philippines. Now, I’m not saying the Filipinos are stupid. But that’s only because I shouldn’t have to say it. It’s recognised enough.

Human Life International released a statement claiming that condoms increase the risk of contracting aids. Dr Ligaya Acosta, the executive director of this imbecillic organisation, says, “We condemn the Department of Health for advocating the use of condoms when they know that based on abundant scientific researches, does not prevent pregnancy and actually increases the risk of HIV, which leads to AIDS [acquired immuno deficiency syndrome] and dozens of other sexually-transmitted diseases. They are lying to the people.”

Abso-fucking-lute bullshit. And coming from a doctor! I probably shouldn’t be THAT shocked. She is Filipino after all. The truth is this: Condoms DO NOT increase the risk of contracting HIV. HOWEVER, the spermicide nonoxynol-9, which is widely used on condoms, may increase that risk for women who use it frequently. Having said that, it is agreed that a condom with spermicide is safer than no condom at all!

I find it cheap, offensive, and evil that they are condemning the Department of Health for distributing condoms. Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral produced numbers indicating that HIV contraction is on the rise in the Philippines,which led to her decision to distribute condoms. Now, I’d like to see Human Life International come up with a solution as practical as that.

I’ll bet my bottom dollar on their answer being “abstinence”. Now, the big question is, what could make Filipinos dumber? The answer is religion.

Nereo Odchimar, the head of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, claims that distributing condoms “weakens the country’s moral fiber and destroys family life.” That is unbelievably dense. This time, no surprise at all(he’s a religious Filipino, I saw it coming). Let me try and get things into perspective. Distributing protection, encouraging safe sex and responsibility is immoral. But going to a HIV ridden continent and telling the inhabitants that condoms are wrong isn’t? Where’s the logic in that? How can one experience the harm that HIV causes first-hand, and still discourage protection?

It is cruel. It is wicked. It is remarkably malicious. And it is infinitely more immoral than distributing condoms. Coming from the pope, of all people. A man widely revered by people all over the world, people who hold him in the highest regard, who lap up his every word as if they were teardrops from god himself. When a man of such authority and influence makes statements like that, it is dangerous simply because people listen. People listen, people agree, and people put it into practice, because people are stupid. And to prove that point, Odchimar followed suit, didn’t he?

As if that wasn’t enough, the CBCP called for bans on condom ads, claiming the same thing as Human Life International, that “it condones and encourages promiscuity outside of marriage, and hence contributes to the further spread of AIDS”.

Bishops, newsflash. If you want to discourage promiscuity outside of marriage, try banning suggestive ads. Ban MTV. Do a China and ban porn. Ban tube tops, spaghetti straps and liposuction. Ban plastic surgery. Ban mini skirts and hot pants. Ban changing rooms. Ban talking. Ban dating. Ban inter-gender interaction. And hey, if all else fails, ban marriage! There wouldn’t be “promiscuity outside marriage” without marriage, no?

It is the most ridiculous suggestion. And it stems from arrogance. The arrogance of religion. The arrogance of the Bishops. First, defying medical opinion is open arrogance. How arrogant do you have to be to disagree with proven medical opinion?

Second, they’re not really saying “find some other way to protect yourself”. They are, after all, against contraception. What they’re really saying is “if we can abstain, so can you!” Except its not really abstinence when little boys are entering confession feeling guilty and exiting feeling violated.

Third, believing that not using contraception and pleasing god would protect you from HIV. That is arrogance that is so treacherous, it’s not even funny.

I condemn, to the highest degree, the Catholic church and Human Life International for their unfounded claims. They are heinous, false claims which will cause irreparable damage if taken seriously. I’m used to hearing false claims from the Church, but from a pro-life group? Don’t you dare call yourselves pro-life. It is a disgrace, and I cannot envision a world where people actually take you seriously. What a travesty.


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