June 13, 2010

The Evils Of Our Telcos

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The vuvuzelas blast in the background. The beautiful South African sky stands, mighty and gentle. The stadium erupts. Televisions around the world broadcast the exact, same images. The pitch, the players, the ball. Families are gathered, friendships are strengthened, club rivalries put aside. The magic of the World Cup, ever present. Except of course, on the island of Singapore.

The telcos have hung themselves with the ropes of their own greed. By demanding an exorbitant fee in exchange for screening the world cup, they have essentially declared it their property. The World Cup in Singapore officially belongs to the two telcos who either couldn’t negotiate a better price for screening rights or decided to pull a fast one on Singaporeans. People are not amused, and it is a wonder they haven’t begun damage control. Subscriptions are being terminated, services boycotted, and every night, profanities are sure to be directed at the people in charge. Still, no action.

It seems Starhub and Singtel have become complacent. I could scratch myself bald and still not understand their M.O. Is it really that important, SS, to lose 28,000 potential consumers just to earn that extra bit of cash? And are you really so certain that this will blow over, that you would neglect to start addressing consumers? And no, i don’t mean the whole 1 cup of coffee bullshit. I mean really having a conversation with people who are unhappy.

And as if hanging yourself wasn’t enough, you’ve decided to grab that shotgun in the corner and take out your foot. Feeds and signals have been encrypted, rendering them useless. Links that worked on the first day no longer do. SS, and now the moniker begins to seem rather apt, have decided that people who don’t get the world cup from them will not get it at all. Yet another outright declaration of ownership over the world cup.

But all this is mildly amusing to me. The amount of money it must take to carry out these operations. The amount of money you must be losing, and will eventually lose, from terminated subscriptions. It all makes me smile, not because I believe in karma but because it tells me that you’re afraid. It tells me that you’re desperate. It tells me that this is your last resort. The full wrath of those you have upset has not been felt. They are all preoccupied; you would be too if you were busy streaming games all night.

For your sake, SS, I hope you have a good internal PR department. You’ll need them when all this is done. But for now, continue to broadcast your lies via the mainstream media. Continue to delude yourself. The bigger they are, the bigger the crater formed by their fall. And the more Singaporean piss that crater will hold.



  1. As with many of our gahmen projects, recovery of cost (investment) is always the first priority…

    With that in mind, one would then know how they derive the pricing of the packages…that’s assuming how “football crazy” we Singaporeans are…

    Of course, the demand elasticity of the viewers caught them out…hahah

    But to be fair, FIFA – the greedy sods – have to bear a lot of the blame as well…

    Comment by xtrocious — June 14, 2010 @ 12:40 pm

  2. With that in mind, one would then know how they derive the pricing of the packages…that’s assuming how “football crazy” we Singaporeans are…

    Comment by Financial Risks — June 19, 2010 @ 6:58 am

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