July 16, 2010

Catholicism At It’s Worst

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Iceland: First lesbian prime minister

Australia: First female prime minister

UK: First liberal democratic+conservative coalition

Argentina: Gay marriage legalized

This, is progress. This is what the world should look like. Women empowered. Gay couples allowed the right to love and marry. Opposition parties with different ideals swallowing their prides and collaborating for their country.

Yet, the Catholic church still believes that the ordination of female priests is one of the gravest sins in ecclesiastical law. If that isn’t stifling progress, I don’t know what is. Women around the world who consider themselves catholics, proud believers and servants of the church, you might want to think this through.

Why, in the world, would any woman want to be part of an organization that demeans them, underestimates them, and discriminates against them? Why would anyone want to be on the side of the same organizations that performed and covered up the sexual abuse of children, including 200 deaf ones? There has to be a line drawn between rationality and downright stupidity, and if you don’t recognise the harm that the catholic church has and will continue to cause, you might want to get some glasses. How can you continue to place your trust in the hands of your deity when the ones he supposedly trusted to watch the world during his toilet break turn out to be misogynistic, mindless pedophiles?

Come the Pope’s visit to the UK in september, I hope Dr Dawkins and Mr Hitchens make good of their word. No longer can the world sit idly by and watch as the Vatican govern themselves. The law must step in to ensure that the abuse of authority at the hands of these monsters is quelled.


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